Dictionary of Anthropology

By Charles Winick

A entire source of anthropology.

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It is the stuff of nightmares, the darkish thought for literature and picture. yet astonishingly, cannibalism does exist, and in one of the Cannibals go back and forth author Paul Raffaele trips to the a long way corners of the globe to find contributors during this mysterious and traumatic perform. From an vague New Guinea river village, the place Raffaele went looking for one of many final working towards cannibal cultures on the earth; to India, the place the Aghori sect nonetheless ritualistically consume their useless; to North the US, the place facts exists that the Aztecs ate sacrificed sufferers; to Tonga, the place the descendants of fierce warriors nonetheless bear in mind how their predecessors preyed upon their foes; and to Uganda, the place the unlucky sufferers of the Lord's Resistance military fight to reenter a society from which they've been violently torn, Raffaele brings this baffling cultural ritual to gentle in a mixture of Indiana Jones-type event and gonzo journalism.

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Dyeing, face up to. Dyeing basically components of a cloth, frequently through soaking half in wax or clay in order that the dye won't take there. withstand dyeing is located within the Punjab and in Indonesia. See BATIK. dyeing, tie. a method for dyeing just a a part of a material or hank of threads. Knots are tied within the cloth or hank ahead of dipping in order that the half in the knot isn't uncovered to the dye. it's also referred to as adverse dyeing. See DYEING, IKAT. dynamism. A time period occasionally used to explain trust in mana ( q. v. ) . Dyoro. A mystery society (q. v. ) at the Ivory Coast. dyphyodontism. one of those dentition during which the transitority, or milk, the teeth of infancy are changed via everlasting enamel. Dyphyodontism is a customary mammalian trait. dyschiria. Awkwardness in appearing guide projects. dysharmony. A relation among face and cranium that is strange a protracted slender face is mostly linked to a dolichocephalic (q. v. ) cranium, and a around brief face with a brachycephalic (q. v. ) cranium. Heads during which this optimistic correlation isn't stumbled on, as in relation to the long-headed and broad-faced Eskimos, are known as dysharmonic. dysostosis. Weakened or insufficient ossification, particularly in fetal cartilage. dysplastic. In Kretschmer’s method of constitutional kinds (q. v. ), the deformed disproportioned variety that has a tendency towards introversion. dyss. A small chamber used for person or collective burial. It includes 4 uprights that help one huge capstone. From one to 6 skeletons were present in them. The dyss was once particularly universal in Denmark. One finish stone is mostly greater than the opposite uprights, in order that there's an aperture which allows later burials after the tomb is finished. dysteleology. The examine of organs that don't appear to have any functionality and became vestigial. dziggetai. An organism intermediate among the ass and horse, used round 3,000 B. C. by means of the Sumerians to attract chariots. dzo. the concept that of mana (q. v. ) between a few West African tribes. Dzhudezmo. The spoken kind of “Judeo-Spanish” (q. v. ). E eagle-beak. See ROSTROCARINATE. earth, brick. The altered superficial area of loess (q. v. ) that used to be lately deposited. earthenware. a tremendous department of pottery. it really is clay baked to a temperature enough to harden it whereas nonetheless leaving it porous, in order that glaze needs to be further to make it impervious to beverages. See STONEWARE. earthquake. A move of the earth’s crust because of forces performing from underneath. Many early societies inspiration that the earth is supported through animals and that earthquakes end result from the animal’s shaking or pursuits. The Algonkian Indians believed the tortoise supported the earth, and within the Celebes, the hog used to be believed to supply this help.

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