Palenque (Unearthing Ancient Worlds)

By Deborah Kops

Within the Jungle of Chiapas, Mexico, nestled on a thickly wooded ridge, are the traditional ruins of Palenque (pah-LEN-keh). Occupied for numerous hundred years, from four hundred to 800 A.D, it represents the western nearby variation of vintage Maya civilization. it really is believed to be essentially the most very important towns of its day throughout the Mayan interval. The hieroglyphic inscriptions chanced on at Palenque have been the muse for the trendy epigraphic knowing of the traditional Maya writing method. those inscriptions inform the dynastic historical past of a sequence of rulers the main well-known being Pakal, who's buried in a sarcophagus in a chamber lower than the Temple of the Inscriptions. the 1st ecu to go to the ruins and put up an account used to be Father Pedro Lorenzo de l. a. Nada in 1567. Archaeologists estimate that in simple terms 5 percentage of the whole urban has been exposed.

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This website is a significant other to a NOVA tv application that aired in 2001. the positioning makes a speciality of archaeologists who're utilizing contemporary excavations and translations of Mayan glyphs to appreciate the early historical past of the traditional Mayan urban of Copán. Palenque undertaking http://www. mesoweb. com/palenque. 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