Our Supporters

Thank you for making our life transforming programming possible!

Ba Futuru is able to transform the lives of so many Timorese through the contribution of many individuals and organizations both in Timor-Leste and globally.

Ba Futuru receives funding from individuals, foundations, government grants (both the Government of Timor-Leste and foreign governments), and United Nations agencies, as well as getting support through service fees, and corporate partnerships and sponsorship. The majority of Ba Futuru’s funds come from project grants from philanthropic foundations, and bilateral and multilateral donors.  In recent years Ba Futuru has begun diversifying to increase sustainability including through training, community theater, radio and film production on a fee-for-service basis.

There are more individuals that need our conflict prevention and educational programming than we currently serve, and thus we require additional support.  Please consider:

  1. donating today, or
  2. volunteering with Ba Futuru (in Timor-Leste or by supporting us from your home country).


Gala Sponsors and Donors

We would like to thank Timor Plaza Hotel and Restaurant and PATEO for sponsoring the Unlocking Love Gala, which was Ba Futuru’s 2017 annual action and fundraiser.

Thank you to all of the 114 guests that joined us for a fantastic evening of singing and dancing. Pateo provided all of the beverages for the evening, with support from their suppliers including Carm Wines with Vinha da Urze Douro Red and White and for the juice Sumol+Compal and Serra da Estrela for water.

We would like to also thank Timor Telecom for their pulsa support for the event, as well as Silvia, Max Ads and Pesso for printing. Plus all of our auction and raffle prize donors including AIR TIMOR – It’s Your Airline

Noble TimorDiscovery Inn and Diya Restaurant, Cheers bottle shop, East Timor Trading, Lauhata Beach Escape PH- +670 7740 1111 for bookingsAlegna Salon, Dili Wellness, Kaffè U’ut, Kmanek, Cafe Wesa’e, Agora Food Studio, Centro Supermercado, Hotel Roberto Carlos – Lospalos, Timor LesteTimor Plaza at Dili Central and the Great Wall Restaurant!

We also want to thank David Ximenes, Terezinha Gomez, Clementino Amaral, Eliseu Pereira, Kate Snowball, and Sunita Caminha for donating prizes.

We would also like to thank Pateo, WorldVision for buying tables for the event.

Ba Futuru Past & Current Donors

Some of Ba Futuru’s donors are listed below, for more details see our Annual Reports.

Government Donors

Government of Timor-Leste
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
British Embassy in Jakarta
Canada Fund for Local Initiatives
European Union
Finnish Fund for Local Cooperation
Institute of Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) with means of the German Federal Foreign Office
New Zealand Head of Mission Fund
Japanese Embassy in Dili
United States Department of State

Foundations & Other Organizations

Austin Community Foundation
CARE International
Child Frontiers
ChildFund Timor-Leste
European Commission
Global Fund for Children
Global Fund for Women
Lonely Planet Foundation
Paz de Desarrollo
Plan International
Save the Children Sweden
Silverton Foundation
STARS Foundation
The Asia Foundation


Air Timor
Animals as Natural Therapy
Concept Maintenance
Denver University
Discover Dili
East Timor Trading
Graphica Patria
Hotel Timor
Nobel Timor
Sunrise Joint Venture
Timor Plaza
Timor Telecom


NGO Forum
Organization Haburas Moris
Partnership for Human Development
Peace Jam
Rain Barrel Communications
Rede Feto
Roman Luan
Women’s Campaign International
Help reduce violence, protect children, empower women and inspire young learners in Timor -Leste.

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