Our Mission

To build a peaceful, positive and productive Timor-Leste through using innovative approaches that will:
protect children, reduce violence, empower women and inspire young learners


Our Vision

To create a Timor-Leste free of violence, where all citizens, especially women, children and young people, can engage meaningfully in the country’s development in a peaceful, positive and productive way.

Our Values

  • Empowerment
  • Non violence
  • Interdependence
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Humility
  • Gender equality
  • Mutual learning

Our Assets

  • Committed staff from across Timor-Leste and the world
  • Effective and dynamic trainers and educators
  • Quality training facilities
  • High quality materials
  • Demonstrated successful models and approaches
  • Well-developed policies and systems

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering can be a life-changing experience, a great way to give back, and gain valuable knowledge and skills. We are contacted regularly by people all over the world who wish to help us and we’re very grateful for this. JOIN TODAY