Breaking the Cycle of Violence

Inisiativa Konsolidasaun Dame no Demokrasia / Consolidating Peace and Democracy Initiative

2014 – 2017

This project is working to build lasting peace in post-conflict Timor-Leste. Our dedicated peace-building team is providing targeted training and civic education to broad sectors of the community, including young people, local authorities and the police, while also building the government’s capacity at national and regional levels to effectively deliver peace-building education and training.  This includes intensive training to the main government body responsible for community conflict prevention; the Secretary of State for Security’s National Directorate for Prevention of Community Conflict.

Our work involves

  • Training a team of government facilitators highly skilled in conflict prevention training and civic education
  • Delivering at least 30 community trainings to key local and government actors, assisted by the newly trained facilitators.
  • Training in dispute resolution, conflict prevention, and conflict analysis, gender-based and domestic violence prevention and civic education
  • Ensuring women are included in all parts of project development and implementation
  • Targeting young people, who are often the perpetrators of community-based violence
  • Placing gender-based issues at the forefront of community education
  • Project delivery in all 13 districts of Timor-Leste

Our Impact

  • Over 750 program participants.
  • More than 30 community trainings.
  • A model of sustainable peace promotion education and training implemented across Timor-Leste.
  • 100% of participants reported that it was better to resolve conflict without the use of violence.
  • 100% of participants could list 2 examples of conflict analysis instruments, whereas before the training only 8% of participants could do so.
  • 99% of participants knew the phases of conflict prevention and could list 3 examples, whereas before the training only 4% of participants could do so.

Our Supporters
British Embassy in Jakarta

Help break the cycle of violence in Timor Leste


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Creating Quality Learning Environments for Young People


Most children in Timor-Leste do not have access quality non-violent education which hinders their social and economic advancement. With your support Ba Futuru, a local NGO, can bring quality education to many more young people.


Ba Futuru has been carrying out transformative work with teachers and school management committees. This work has turned many high need schools into quality learning environments. Our aim is to create happy, supportive, and safe school environments so that the young people would be able to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to create positive futures for themselves and their communities.

We encourage new styles of teaching rather than traditional rote models, enhanced in-school relationships, improved infrastructure, created better learning environments and reduced violence. Our work encourages teachers to stop using violent discipline and to replace this with positive classroom management strategies.

After Ba Futuru worked with their schools for 9 months, the students reported that their teachers made a good progress in their teaching methods. “Before hand, the majority of the teachers asked students to write or copy from the board without any explanation. But now they changed their teaching methods. They are using participatory methods such as asking comprehension questions, using group work, doing energizer activities, using games and explaining about the subject matter.”

A student representative from the School Management Committee of one target school reported: “From my point of view, the teachers have changed after they attended the training from Ba Futuru. Compared to previously when students were being punished, even bitten when they make a mistake in class or come to the school late. Some teachers just asked us to copy from the board without providing any clear explanations. Those that practice the new methods provide us with good explanations and it makes it easier to understand. And sometimes when we are getting bored, the teachers utilize games. I have also noticed that there is less physical punishment. I propose that Ba Futuru continue with the training of our teachers so they can improve their teaching methods.”

Long-Term Impact

Sustainability of outcomes has been enhanced through Ba Futuru’s the teacher training toolkit and the fact that the Ministry of Education, as well as target school administrators, teachers and teacher trainers can utilize the toolkit into the future. Films on each training module have been created so they can be shared widely with teachers that do not have access to in-person training.

  • 10,000s of students are benefiting from Ba Futuru various educational programs that have trained 1,000s of teachers, from early childhood to University level
  • 100s of children have received scholarships helping them gain the items they need for going to school

Help transform the learning environments of the young people of Timor-Leste


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